Siblings of Manatee County murder victim speak out about brother’s death

Murder Victim's Family Speaks Out

MANATEE COUNTY, FL (WWSB) - The backbone of a Sarasota family is now gone forever.

“He would do anything to make sure that they were happy and kept a smile on their face,” said Antonio Maurice “Moe” Bradley’s younger brother, Justin Bradley.

Bradley’s siblings realized something was wrong on November 15 when they found his dog left alone in his Bradenton apartment and his cell phone went straight to voicemail.

“He always answered his phone. Even if he was asleep, he could be at a nightclub and he’d pick up,” explained Bradley’s younger sister Jasmine Bradley.

Justin said he saw a post on Facebook about a body found on November 14 burning along the side of the road in Myakka City but wasn’t at all concerned. The victim was later identified as Moe.

His family is still processing the shocking news.

“One minute I can be perfectly fine, the next minute I am heartbroken then the next minute after that I’m angry,” said Justin.

Manatee County deputies arrested Aaron Koziak, a former co-worker of Antonio Bradley’s, on unrelated charges. That’s when investigators say Koziak confessed to shooting Bradley before taking his body to M.J. Road in Myakka to light it on fire.

“I have been angry and I wish really bad things on the guy but that’s not what my brother would want,” stated Jasmine.

Investigators have not released a motive behind the killing. Now, the family says they will not be able to get over the loss of their son, brother, and father.

“I’m watching some kids that are going to have to grow up and not remember their dad,” said Justin.

Bradley’s funeral services were held Thanksgiving weekend, but his family is still paying off the services. Bradley’s family has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his funeral.

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