People continue to spot a new, furry visitor roaming Sarasota County

A Sarasota resident took this photo of a coyote on Bay View Drive near S. Osprey Avenue
A Sarasota resident took this photo of a coyote on Bay View Drive near S. Osprey Avenue(Angela Regnier)
Updated: Nov. 22, 2018 at 2:45 PM EST
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Coyote roams around busy Sarasota street

SARASOTA (WWSB) - For the last couple of weeks, people have reported seeing a coyote roam the streets of Sarasota. Some say they even saw a pack in Longboat Key.

Other sightings range in location from Downtown Sarasota to Osprey Avenue and Pioneer Park on Cocoanut Avenue.

“Bro, that’s wild,” said Noah Fischer when he heard the news.

He and his family spent part of Thanksgiving playing ball at Pioneer Park and Fischer wasn’t too delighted to hear that a coyote had shared the ground he walked on just a few days before.

“I was scared of coyotes, yeah. My dog, he could get eaten and that wouldn’t be good," Fischer said. "That would be a little wild.”

Another video taken Monday morning by a Sarasota resident shows a coyote walking in the street on Osprey Avenue and Oak Street.

When ABC7 posted the video on Facebook, dozens more people commented that they had also seen this coyote, or another, on their streets.

The City of Sarasota said it’s been getting reports of sightings, too. Staff posted a video of a coyote walking in the streets of Downtown, just west of U.S. 41 earlier this week.

More than three miles from there, a woman named Angela Regnier said she called them to report another coyote was on her street off of South Osprey Avenue.

“I came home yesterday from work and my neighbor came across the street and said there was a coyote in the neighborhood,” said Angela Regnier.

Seconds later, Regnier saw him with her own eyes.

“Like he started digging.. he laid right over there,” she showed on her front lawn under the mango tree.

Regnier said her friend had told her about seeing the pack of coyotes on Longboat Key and thinks the one she saw on her street got separated from that crew.

“I was a little afraid," she said. "I called the City and they told me that he looks healthy, that he’s not harmless, but he’s more afraid of humans so they would not come out to pick him up. But he looked a little sad, he’s lost.”

According to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation, coyotes rarely pose a threat to people, but if one does get too close, you can make loud noises or wave your arms in the air, which typically causes it to leave an area.

It’s also recommended that you keep your pets inside overnight because that’s when coyotes typically attack, or at dusk or dawn.

Staff said that problems with coyotes can be significantly reduced if all outside pet food and garbage is secured.

Parents with young children should also teach them to recognize coyotes. If they are approached by a coyote, the experts said they should not run because it could cause a coyote to chase. Instead, parents are advised to have them move slowly inside and yell.

For more tips and information from the FWC, click here.

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