Renourishment project underway to fix major erosion problems on Lido Beach

Renourishment project underway to fix major erosion problems on Lido Beach

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Lido beachgoers now have another attraction to take in the next few months. 185,000 cubic yards of sand is being pumped in to fix the major erosion that has plagued the Sarasota beach. The sand is being dredged from New Pass and big machinery is helping to put the sand in it’s place.

“I’m very happy that they’re doing something and saving this wonderful beach, because it’s a wonderful place to come on holiday,” said Teresa Phillips, a Lido Beach visitor from England.

Someone else who is very happy about this repair to the beach is Carl Shoffstall, President of the Lido Key Residents Association. He tells us this 3.9 million dollar beach renourishment project is long overdue.

“Not only is it for the residents out here on Lido, but this is the last public beach the city of Sarasota has, and the economics benefit the city as well as the county,” said Shoffstall.

People who live here say this beach renourishment project is a temporary fix. The plan is to have the long term fix of dredging hundreds of thousands of cubic yards from Big Pass by next Fall, but that project still has to get through some legal hurdles. Either way, Joe Pospisil and his family are thrilled to see something is being done.

“It’s very important for tourism," said Pospisil. "I know the beach has had a rough year with red tide, as they come out of that I think they need to add to the beach so you can get more people to the beach.”

This beach renourishment project is expected to be finished by this February.

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