Three children found in home filled with trash, feces and urine

Three children found in home filled with trash, feces and urine
Melissa Langstine-Troyano (Source: Charlotte County Sheriff's Office)

PORT CHARLOTTE, FL (WWSB) - Deputies say when they entered a Charlotte County home, they found three children living inside surrounded by trash, feces, and urine.

The sheriff’s office was called on Saturday to a home on MacLellan Avenue in Port Charlotte on reports of possible child neglect. Deputies went to the home and say as soon as they arrived, they could smell urine and feces.

The children’s mother, 40-year-old Melissa Langstine-Troyano, met the deputies outside. She told the deputies that her children weren’t home. Deputies asked to go inside to check the home anyway and say when they did, Langstine-Troyano said if they went inside, she would be going to jail. She then bolted for the door, but was stopped before going inside.

Deputies went into the home, finding garbage, feces, urine and old food covering the floors. The kitchen sink was overflowing and the house was infested with bugs. There were piles of laundry and weeks or months worth of full garbage bags and no clear pathways.

The fridge was full but filthy and deputies say there appeared to be mold growing inside of it. A freezer in the garage that was plugged in and running did not work. It had expired meat in it from 2013 and a dead cat in a shoe box.

When deputies found the children, they were walking barefoot through animal feces and urine.

While deputies were still in the home, Langstine-Troyano’s ex-husband arrived. He told deputies that his ex-wife had not allowed him inside the home for months but that she had been on a downward spiral. Authorities say they learned that she had not cleaned the home since late 2016.

Langstine-Troyano was interviewed. Authorities say she told them she was self-employed in the art, entertainment and psychic field but had taken two months off. She said some of the issues were broken appliances - the dishwasher had been broken for six months and the fridge had been broken for a few days - while others she attributed to her dog having a medical condition.

Authorities say she also told them that she had tried to have exterminators handle the bug issue, which had been going on for six months to a year, and to have someone take out the trash, but that the man she hired made off with her $200 and didn’t do the work.

While deputies say Langstine-Troyano “did not appear filthy” and “smelled pleasant” and was “well manicured,” her children smelled of animal urine and feces and had bug bites.

After being interviewed, Langstine-Troyano was arrested and charged with three counts of child neglect without great bodily harm.

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