Friend remembers Sarasota drag racer killed in crash at racetrack in Sebring

Friend remembers Sarasota drag racer killed in crash at racetrack in Sebring

SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - “You don’t really expect stuff to happen, but when you strap in you never know what’s going to happen,” said Hannah Bouldry.

Bouldry is talking about her friend and fellow racer Katarina Moller, also known as Kat and the risks of drag racing. The 24-year-old was killed last night in an accident while behind the wheel of a jet dragster during a race exhibition at Sebring International Raceway. Family, friends and the entire racing community are remembering her today.

According to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office, during the first of two scheduled exhibition runs, Moller’s dragster was observed drifting from the left lane towards the center line. As it crossed the center line during the run, the dragster struck a timing device located between lanes at the drag racing finish line. A parachute was observed to have deployed and the dragster continued down the track, it drifted further right, scraping the right side retaining barrier wall before coming to rest after hitting a tire barrier.

Track safety officials and Emergency Medical personnel immediately responded to the crash site, where Moller was pronounced deceased on scene.

According to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office, the District 10 Medical Examiner has not issued the final autopsy report, the preliminary investigation has determined that a piece of debris impacted Moller’s helmet, which is what caused her death.

“She was always happy, could always put a smile on everyone’s face and was there for anyone when you needed it, always with a helping hand, caring, very sweet girl,” said Bouldry.

Moller followed in her dad’s footsteps and started racing junior dragsters at the age of 11. Jet dragsters like the ones raced at Bradenton Motorsports Park can reach speeds of more than 250 miles per hour. We’re being told this racetrack was like a second home to her and it’s where many racers received word of her passing last night.

“Everyone at the track was obviously in very extreme shock and no one really knew what to say, so we’re just hanging in together,” said Bouldry.

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