Last day contractors bid for G-Wiz Museum demolition

Last day contractors bid for G-Wiz Museum demolition
Local contractors bid on the demolition of the former museum G-Wiz. Friday 11/16/18 is the last day for submissions.

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Bids are due Friday from demolition companies looking to knock down the former G-Wiz museum on Sarasota’s Bayfront.

It’s a property that’s been sitting vacant on the Bayfront for more than five years.

The city approved to demolish the building after it was not included in the Bay Sarasota Project, where over 50 acres of the Bay will be redeveloped.

A spokesperson with the City of Sarasota tells us who ever has the lowest bid, meets the criteria and is a licensed contractor will get the job.

Depending on how many bids are received, there will be a review period that could last up to two weeks.

Once everyone signs off on the winning bid, there will also be a 3-day period where any contractor who was denied the bid can make a case on why they should have it instead.

After that, a contract will be prepared and depending on the amount it could require approval from the City Commission.

Once the contract is finalized a work schedule will be determined.

Bay Sarasota tells us based on a climate adaptation plan the G-Wiz is at risk of rising sea levels.

Although the building has been sitting vacant, the building costs $40,000 a year to maintain.

Public surveys showed the community would much rather want a green space or park to look over the Bay rather than preserving the building.

Once the green space or park is constructed, Bay Sarasota will honor the museum and the old Selby Library, which was once was located at G-Wiz, with pavers and tiles from the building.

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