VIDEO: Florida man crashes truck into boutique

VIDEO: Florida man crashes truck into boutique

ATLANTIC BEACH, FL (WJXT/CNN) - A Florida boutique’s camera captured video of a truck crashing through the front door, taking out everything in its path.

The owner said it's not the first time something like this has happened.

The incident occurred at the AshleGryre Boutique.

Th vehicle crashed into the store ending up in the center of the boutique.

“The braking doesn’t start until here and then it is just too late,” said Robin Spence, the business’ owner pointing to the middle of the floor.

Glass and concrete covered the floor. Displays were scattered across the store and a piece of the truck was still in the center of the room.

Atlantic Beach police identified the driver as 21-year-old William Southworth.

He's charged with DUI, reckless driving, and DUI with property damage.

“It’s a difficult situation to come into your business that you’ve poured your heart and soul into, and to see it just destroyed,” Spence said.

The business was set to celebrate its fifth-year anniversary next Thursday.

"We have never had a burglary, but we have had plenty of car crashes,” Spence said. “We have had more than our share."

Four crashes in four years to be exact.

The last one happened only eight months ago with repairs just a few days from wrapping up.

But this latest crash is the worst damage she's seen so far.

Spence said there's now another long road ahead.

"I would say that this one is definitely going to be four months, if not five,” she said. "And is that four to five months that you'll have to be close for?"

Spence said this is typically the store's busiest time of the year.

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