We Taste-Test Cool New Drinks from Calusa Brewing | Suncoast View

We Taste-Test Cool New Drinks from Calusa Brewing | Suncoast View
Calusa Brewing brings unique beers for us to taste on Suncoast View

SARASOTA (WWSB) - The Suncoast is a thriving spot for award winning craft beer brewers. So it makes sense that 37 breweries from around the country are headed here this weekend to showcase their own special brews. Calusa Brewing is hosting the “Mixed Culture Invitational”, and Taproom Manager Ed Paulsen & Media Manager Taylor Pogue visit Suncoast View to talk about it.

We Taste-Test Calusa Brewing's New Drinks | Suncoast View

Ed says, “This is not a typical beer festival. We are celebrating tart, fun and funky beers. Both the beers and the event itself are very much centered on a unique style of beer; the so-called “mixed fermentation.” This includes the ‘sour’ styles of beers, often with flavor profiles more similar to champagne and cider. They are most often fermented or aged in oak or barrels, and may include demonstrative fruits.” The actual fermentation process of these types of beer is different, and they often involve fruit. Ed Paulsen brings a couple of beers for the Suncoast View Hosts to try, with very interesting names. One is “Spirit Mask”, and the other “Fuzzsaw Massacre”. At the Mixed Culture Beer Fesitval there will be more than 100 unique beers from 37 breweries from around the country, and local food trucks. It’s Saturday, November 10th from 2 to 6 pm at Calusa Brewing.

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