Two Lakeview Elementary brothers spark Halloween effort to help victims of Hurricane Michael

Two Lakeview Elementary brothers spark Halloween effort to help victims of Hurricane Michael

SARASOTA (WWSB) - On Halloween night, most kids have one thing on their mind. But that’s not the case for two 4th graders at Lakeview Elementary School.

Kennedy and Avery Cole are much more concerned about the victims of Hurricane Michael.

In many ways, the two boys are much like any other 10-year-old.

They like Harry Potter, baseball and football.

But they’re twins, which is a rarity in itself, and in their eyes “hard, but at the same time, fun and loving,” they said.

Even more rare, their heart to help at such a young age. “We understand what it’s like to be in the middle of a hurricane,” said Kennedy Cole.

But it’s one thing to understand what it’s like, and it’s a whole other thing to do something about it.

“I said to my mom one day, later that day, I want to help," explained Kennedy Cole after he saw the devastation from Hurricane Michael. "She said okay, maybe we can donate some canned food or something. And in my mind, I said, that’s too little.”

Kennedy was thinking big, so he wrote a letter to the principal, Lisa Wheatley.

“And I connected him with Ms. Tyler who is the facilitator for our Kindness Club,” Wheatley said. "When you listen to Kennedy and Avery talk about how much they care about others that they don’t even know, it brings a tear to your eye.”

A tear, and a dollar, then two, then three.

“We have a page up on GoFundMe, which we’ve already raised $820. In how long? Three days,” said Kennedy and Avery.

That number only continues to grow, but that’s still not quite enough for the twins, who plan to take it one step further while going door-to-door Halloween night.

“We’re gonna say, ‘trick-or-treat’ and then we’ll get our candy," explained Kennedy and Avery. "And then we’re gonna say trick or treat for Bay Haven Charter Academy, K-8 in Panama City. This school was devastated by Hurricane Michael and we need lots of help to rebuild.”

They’re calling for all of their fellow students to do the same.

“Cut out the label at the bottom and tape it to a small box or plastic container, like this one," said Kennedy during an announcement to the school. "Take the container with you when you go trick-or-treating and ask people to donate their loose change to help people affected by Hurricane Michael.”

With most kids in a frenzy over candy, these kids are already understanding what’s really important at a young age.

“Even though people don’t know each other, we can still help each other," said Kennedy. “And I want them to know that people actually care, [people] who they don’t know, care about them,” added Avery.

To donate to their cause, click here.

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