Despite Improvements, Speed Limit Causing Concern for Parents of Venice Christian School

Despite Improvements, Speed Limit Causing Concern for Parents of Venice Christian School

VENICE, FL (WWSB) - Parents of students at a Venice private school are fighting to lower the nearby speed limit. It was 45 mph, and while Sarasota County lowered it over the Summer, parents say speeding is still a problem.

It took 10 years before the speed limit in front of Venice Christian School was changed from 45 mph to 35 mph.

"It was the Friday before school started, and somebody came into my office and said ‘Mr. Frimmel, they’re putting up the signs!!’ and I nearly fell off my chair,” Jerry Frimmel, the Principal of Venice Christian School, told us.

The principal says he will forever be thankful to the county and to the commissioners who helped make this happen this year. However, parents say they still worry every day when a car speeds past them during the morning commute.

“We were happy because we were able to see somewhat of a change, but it’s still too high for a school,” said Ana Maria Anselmi.

There are about 300 students, from pre-school to high school, who attend Venice Christian – a private school right on Center Road, off of Venice Boulevard.

Ana Maria Anselmi asked, “Why is it that we have 35 mph, and it’s only for a little bit because there’s still a 45 mph sign in front of the school, when a public school has 15 mph during drop off and dismissal?”

Since Venice Christian is not a public school funded by the county, a school zone was not put in place originally. However, Sarasota County did pay for the recent change - which the principal says was the first step in the right direction.

“With the growth right down on Center Road with the housing developments, it’s great for Venice, it’s a wonderful thing, but the traffic patterns have increased tremendously. I’d love to see it reduced down to 25 mph with a flashing beacon,” said Frimmel.

Parents and school staff will be at next week’s county meeting on November 7th to discuss the possibility of reducing the speed limit even more and adding flashing lights.

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