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Video: Screen Times & Kids October 22, 2018

SARASOTA , FL (WWSB) - One of the big things parents worry about these days, do our kids spend too much time on their digital devices and is it harming them.

The Education Foundation of Sarasota County feels this is such an important issue they are bringing in an award winning documentary called "Screenagers: Growing Up in a Digital Age", and providing free viewings to the community.

Jennifer Vigne, President, of the Education Foundation, Suzanne Burke, Director of College, Career and Life Readiness at the Education Foundation and Licensed School Psychologist Stacie Herrera, now in private practice discuss the documentary. .

Jennifer says, "Screenagers" was created by a physician and includes recent scientific evidence that too much screen time causes addictive behavior and exerts a greater negative impact on kids' developing brains compared to the effect on adults."

Suzanne goes on, "This documentary is not a lecture about spending too much time on screen. rather, this film explores how screen time impacts kids' development and learning and includes solutions for adults and kids to work together to empower kids to navigate and find balance in the digital world. Families need proven solutions for approaching the topic and "Screenagers" provides them."

Jennifer says, "The Education Foundation is bringing this important film to our community because it aligns with our college, career, life readiness initiative. the film's message ties directly to the Education Foundation's work to prepare each and every Sarasota County Schools student for success in college, career and life. The "whole child" education emphasizes social-emotional learning, such as thinking critically, self-awareness, making good decisions."

Stacie says, "Screenagers" gives new evidence about the impact of "Device dependence" and "Screen time" on kids' brain development and learning, It offers solutions to help families work together, respectfully, to minimize harmful effects and find balance, and it opens an incredible dialogue about safe, responsible digital use in our community."

Immediately following the screenings, Dr. Burke will moderate a q&a with a panel that includes national and local subject-matter experts in fields of child psychology, education, cyber security and public safety. also, audience members will be given an opportunity to ask follow-up questions and will be given a handout with tips and resources.

There will be two screenings of "Screenagers" at North Port High Oct.22 and at Riverview High Oct. 23. Admission is free but you do need to make on line reservations at edfoundationsrq.org/screenings

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