Wrong home invasion

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SARASOTA, Fla. - A Sarasota woman is still shaken up after mistakenly becoming the subject of a police raid.  Louise Goldsberry says was in her kitchen doing the dishes when saw a bright light and the barrel of a gun pointed at her.  

Goldsberry instantly dropped to the ground and went for her gun.  She says she was thrust in the middle of an unfamiliar situation and felt she had to defend herself.  "I thought it was a home invasion, I thought it was some bad guys after me for some reason, I had no idea why it just happened so fast," added Goldsberry.  

But the 59-year-old didn't have to wait long to figure out what was happening.  Within seconds, the armed U.S. Marshals had entered her condo.   And after being handcuff for about 30 minutes was told the Marshals received an anonymous tip and decided to act.

Coming up at 5:30 we sit down with Goldsberry, who tells us about the eye opening experience.