Whales keep dying to our south

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FLORIDA - Dozens of whales have died and washed ashore south of the Suncoast.

Biologists including some from Mote Marine Laboratory are studying 25 pilot whales which were found dead on Kice Island just south of Marco Island.

This is the second stranding in just a few days. Earlier this week eight other whales died in shallow waters about 40 miles south near Lovers Key. In December dozens more died near the Everglades National Park.

Right now those experts like Mote biologist Gretchen Lovewell are still trying to determine why. "We are looking for any indication of disease, different viruses, potential toxins. It's a huge list of things we look for."

Early indications show the whales had empty stomachs. Pilot whales are prone to mass standings because they form close bonds and wont leave other sick whales behind.

we will have much more on this story including more local reaction tonight on ABC 7.