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2013 Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends

Today’s eyes, lips, and face range from soft and sexy to bold and dramatic with a touch of mystery capturing the romantic Victorian Era. Brides not only want to look like “themselves,” but they want to turn up the volume with a touch of sex laced with romanticism!

The 2013 eye shadow collections are confident and brazen! Youthful smooth skin sets the stage for dramatic eye shadows, such as feisty browns, silver grays, mysterious black shadowing, and shimmery gold. The flower power shades are in perfect harmony with bold lime greens, azure blues, and bewitching purples, which create the look of smoldering expressive eyes.

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Today’s eyes, lips and face are ranged between Soft Sexy and Impish to bold, dangerous, and a little mysterious, all taking note from the Romantic Victorian Era. Today’s brides want to look like “themselves” only a sexier and romantic version!

Eye liner has screamed for equal time with the multi-dimensional cake liner, gel liner, and the ever popular liquid liner of the “Bond girl” days…me-ow! All have been empowered by a pouty pale nude lip, which is the perfect finishing touch to a stunning look for a sunset beach wedding.

The “natural, yet radiant” glow to the skin is the key for the next sexy and youthful look. The face and cheeks have a sun-kissed, healthy peach glow with soft corals and plum shades. The final step is finishing the look with a touch of bronzer complimenting any skin-type looking flattering and feminine.

Décor is not only harmonizing table linens and flowers, but also bride and bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, and hats to the theme of the wedding through lip color. Matte lips are caliente with ravishing reds, mango-tango corals, and soft pale pinks! These lip stains are back in the forefront in lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencils, and sexy lip tints and stains.

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Hair is long tousled, sexy and naturally worn down and free, as well as the pendulum swung to the short, classy Bob, pixie cut or medium length tapered cut hair around the face to flatter.  Brides like the versatility of using a myriad of hair accessories ranging from Headbands, Crystal pins, rhinestones, real flowers for the beach.   It is all a matter of personal style and today anything goes!  Vintage combs, barrettes, and Silk flowers are replacing the more formal and traditional veils.

The French manicure is out and color is in! Nail colors will not be left behind when using dark and bright colors. Lime greens, yellows, hot pink, deep purples, and a variety of blues can be paired with a lot of glitter on top. These colors and glitter will eliminate the faint and bring forth the shine with the fabulous colored pumps that every bride and bridesmaid is dying to wear!

Hair is all a matter of personal style, and today anything goes! Whether hair is long, tousled, naturally worn down and free, or medium length, short bob, or pixie cut, every length is flattering to the face. Brides also enjoy the versatility of using a myriad of hair accessories ranging from headbands, crystal pins, rhinestones, and real flowers. Surprisingly, vintage combs, barrettes, and silk flowers are replacing the more formal and traditional veils for a more modern yet traditional look.

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