Nutritional Skin Care - Looking Your Best for your Wedding Day

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- When most people hear cosmetic surgery, what people usually think of is the wealthy Hollywood-type. It also doesn’t help that many of these procedures have led to drastic and sometimes outlandish results in patients, scaring off anyone who isn’t brave enough to test how far their face can stretch.

And who can blame them?

But this taboo is quickly fading due to a sudden jolt of popularity in nutritional skin care.

As technology becomes more advanced and precise, skincare practitioners are blending the best of Eastern and Western styles to create the best in affordable skin care.

Medical Estheticians are leading this new trend in skin care solutions away from its old-fashioned methods and into a holistic approach to food and environment blended with a modern understanding of the human body.

Not all facelifts are done surgically but some are done by stimulating the muscles in your face using small probes to strengthen them. This keeps the skin looking young, smooth and fresh.

Think of it as a mini-workout session to buff up your facial muscles.

But one of the biggest and more recent trends is permanent makeup, which can do everything from eyebrows to eyeliner.

“It’s been known here in the state of Florida, conventional makeup obviously wears off the skin very easily because of the humidity in the air,” says medical esthetician Mary McAndrews . “So getting permanent eyeliner is a very popular trend right now so that you don’t have to see the running of your liner and you can wake up with makeup.”

Think of all the time you could save without having to put on makeup! It’s a great solution for ladies in their golden years as well.

“Other times if the hair has thinned out to the point where there is nothing there and you have to pencil on every day,a lot of times older women have a harder time seeing to put it on,” McAndrews explains, “so putting permanent brows on and giving them a nice shape and a nice arch is a very current trend as well.”

The world of nutritional skin care has boldly gone into new territory, and just about anyone can find something to help bring out their best looking self.

McAndrews sums up the new approach to her field. “We want it to come from nature first and foremost, and if we get to a point where we just can’t remedy the situation, just like in Western medicine, then we have to go to some more advanced technology or treatments.”

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