Destination and Hotel-Event Booking Checklist

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Review these steps to insure a trouble-free Honeymoon experience at your hotel & events.

  • When buying plane tickets -If you are using frequent flyer miles, book well in advance; you’ll have a much better chance of getting the flights you want. Many airlines release frequent flyer seats around 11 months ahead of time. Booking early will also help you get a nonstop flight, lessening your chance of losing luggage. Missing connection hustling through an unfamiliar airport or spending the night in an airport hotel is not the frustrating start to your getaway you want.
  • When booking your hotel - Firm up your accommodations early, so you can focus on all the minor details. Hotels in older cities, especially downtown areas, can be smaller, so good spacious ones fill up early. Put together a list of options before you start contacting hotels so you can quickly compare prices and amenities.
  • When booking spa appointments and/or other activities - The all-inclusive resorts that feature couple's massages, facial treatments and other services will often fill up leaving you to take the only available appointments. Consider pre-booking your choices like scuba diving, horseback riding, sailing/fishing trips or other excursions. The resort concierge is a great person to help you get started.
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  • Purchase travel insurance - These plans plans can cover everything from illness to acts of God, and the chances of your particular honeymoon spot being affected by a disruption such as an intense storm can vary from destination to destination. Even Disney World in Florida was forced to close twice due to Hurricanes: in 1999 for Hurricane Floyd, and for Charley in 2004.On the surface, it may seem costly at about 5%, but when you are spending a lot of money on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, having it canceled is much more costly in terms of money and your peace of mind.
  • Confirm everything! -Call the hotel, restaurants, and any à la carte activities to confirm your reservations and prevent any unnecessary surprises.
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  • Finally, check the weather. Storms, cold fronts and heat waves can alter your attire and choice of activities. If you're traveling to the Suncoast, pick up our Weather App for your tablet or smartphone and be prepared: