Color Trends for Suncoast Weddings

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“The 2013 color trends of every season are here!” Really? Who makes the color trend decisions, and what are trends anyways? We're going to give you some up-to-date trends in colors for you to think about shortly, but the thing is to not worry. If today’s trends are not for you, self-designing is always an option for YOUR ideal color trend! Regardless of the trend, you will shine on your wedding day because it is all about YOU!

The colors run the gamut and seem to circulate every few years or so. From neutrals to huge bursts of color, anything goes! One wedding recently planned by Bobbi had a full palette with every color of the rainbow for the bridesmaids’ dresses including matching parasols. The ladies were spectacular!

Let’s take stroll through some of today’s hot new color combinations!

Brilliant tangerine and hot pink. Together, these beautiful colors are a bold pairing that scream fun for a hot, hot, hot celebration!

Blush pink and pewter grey. These soft, lovely tones portray elegance and vintage, which are perfect for a stunning formal evening wedding.

Baby blue and white. Soft and subtle blues never go out of style for almost any romantic wedding feel. 

Aqua blue and white.  Aqua blue is primarily used for favor boxes, place cards, bows, candies, chair ties, napkins, and (sometimes) table cloths.

White on white.  Tradition never dies!  This style is forever in style, never boring, and timeless.

Red and pink.  You may think Valentine’s Day, but these colors are used all year long and are extremely popular together…very romantic.  Because red is such a powerful color, a word of advice is to use all red or use red minimally with pink.

When sitting down with a bride and discussing her wedding, one of the first questions I ask is, “What is your favorite color?” As a new bride and planning your wedding, remember that this event is about you. Your color sets the scene for who you are and what you like. Whatever color you love is the color you should choose to have for your wedding. Don’t choose strictly upon the industry trends; choose what you want! This is YOUR wedding day. It is all about YOU!

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Article by Bobbi Hicks -

Photography by Evelyn England -