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What's Up, Joey? Picking an engagement ring


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13 Reasons an Engagement Puppy Is Better Than an Engagement Ring

We recently shared the top trends we're hoping to see this engagement season; one of those was unique engagement gifts that ...

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10 Offbeat Engagement Rings For A Valentine's Day Proposal

Valentine's Day can be romantic and special, but it can also get really cheesy, really fast. Since V-Day is one of the most ...

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Professional Proposal Planners: Yea Or Nay?

To put it simply, the proposal times are a-changing. From simple plans (a question asked after a quiet dinner at home) to mo...

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Picking the Perfect Wedding Music and Entertainment DJ

When planning your wedding, figuring out the perfect songs for your special day is a big challenge. Another big decision is ...

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Top Ten Tips for Memorable Wedding Photography

The genre of wedding photography has become more creative and dynamic in recent years. Couples often want to shoot tradition...

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Color Trends for Suncoast Weddings

“The 2013 color trends of every season are here!” Really? Who makes the color trend decisions, and what are trends anyways? ...

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