Weather Watchers

So what does it mean to be a MySuncoast Weather Watcher? First, it means you are a trusted, valuable source for local weather information, pictures and videos.

By joining, you will have the opportunity to visit the station, meet the ABC 7 personalities and be recognized on MySuncoast Weather Watcher Appreciation Days.

If you happened to miss our Hurricane Special, you can still view it online at our Hurricane and Severe Weather page: You'll also find links to our Hurricane Guide, our Weather App for your Smart Phone or Tablet, and many other useful weather resources.

How do we communicate? If you have pictures or videos, send them to A few other ways are also available depending on whether or not you're using a web browser, your smart phone, or other device. If you are sending textual information like temperature, rainfall totals, barometric pressure, etc., please use the form on the MySuncoast Weather Page or email the information directly to the Weather Team using If you send from your home PC at you will be asked to register which allows you a host of benefits. Don't want to register but still want to share your photos with the Suncoast? Just email pictures and videos directly from your cell phone or PC to

As you know, we enjoy beautiful weather most of the time here on the Suncoast, but we also have to deal with Severe Weather. It is during these extreme situations that we really count on our Suncoast Weather Watchers. You are our eyes on the scene, however we want to emphasize that Safety Comes First, so NEVER put yourself in harm's way.

We really appreciate your help, we're proud to have you as a member of our trusted Suncoast Weather Watchers.

Thank you,
Bob Harrigan, John Scalzi, Wendy Ross


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