Weather extremes and stroke may have a link

A new study conducted by an associate professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health shows an association with higher stroke incidents and the weather.  Particularly, large temperatures swings or high humidity days. 

Using a database of hospital statistics and records from the National Climatic Data Center the researchers discovered what seems to be a relationship between ischemic strokes and particular types of weather conditions.  In particular high humidity values seem to be one of the stressors that might have a stroke relationship. Also temperatures swings of five degrees or more.

The authors suggest that these conditions might put stress on the body and possibly precipitate stroke. Although the author stops short of suggesting a cause and effect relationship, the suggestion is made that on high humidity days, those at higher stroke risk might have another reason to stay indoors in the air conditioning and avoid exposure to the out door conditions.

The researcher says that much more work need to be done before the link is proved.

John Scalzi