Waterspouts spotted in Englewood and Tampa Bay

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Two waterspouts formed Wednesday, one near Englewood and the other in Tampa Bay. Neither of the waterspouts caused any damage.

Storms that develop in the morning and early afternoon can cause these water twisters to spin up. They form as a result of unequal heating of the water and air. The storm shades the surrounding air, and the rain cools it. Outside this shade area and cooler air the air is much warmer so this unequal heating causes the air to spin or twist and can cause these waterspouts.

Waterspouts are more frequent in the Keys. Some waterspouts can form with cold fronts that move down in the winter months. These are usually much stronger and can maintain their organization as they make landfall.

They would be classified as tornadoes if they stay together as they make landfall. They are much more serious during a cold front event or tropical system.