March weather usually roars for Florida when it comes to twisters

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Cold fronts that move through in March can typically become severe in nature and can cause tornados to form. In fact a F3 tornado roared through a residential area in Venice before dawn Sunday March 18th 1985, killing at least two persons, injuring 41 others and destroying dozens of homes and businesses. The ironic thing about this twister, it struck the day after St. Patrick's day, and moved through Shamrock Blvd in Venice.

March 2014 Precipitation Forecast

Equal chances of being normal

There is a possibility of strong to severe storms with the next front moving through sometime late Thursday of this week. The National Climate Environmental Prediction center has come out with its monthly outlook for North America. It is showing equal chances for normal rainfall, and temperatures for our area.

The average rainfall for our area in March is 3.50 inches. The average high and low temperatures are 76 and 57 respectfully. The threat of freezing temperatures hitting the Suncoast start to fade in the month of March. With the extreme cold temperatures this winter, the Great Lakes are on the verge of freezing over 100% for the first time in recorded history. There is a chance we may see a cooler than average March due to the fact that air moving over these lakes will stay colder for a longer period of time as they plunge southward.

Monthly outlook for precipation for North America

The stormy pattern is expected to continue through the first couple of weeks of March. After that it's anyone's guess as to what may happen.

Bob Harrigan