Mostly sunny and dry today, but the rain comes back next week

Happy Friday everyone!  Yesterday's forecast will be very similar to what we experienced today.  Mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, with highs topping out in the low 90's.  The Heat Index (feel like temperature), could climb up into the low 100's around the inland areas, and there will once again be a low chance for showers and storms this afternoon.

The Friday Night Football forecast looks to be dry and pleasant, with a kick off temperature around 82 degrees.

The first half of the weekend looks to be dry, but the second half (Sunday) and into early to mid next week, our rain chance along the Suncoast will increase.  This is all due to a more easterly wind, which will help bring more low level moisture into the area, along with the sea breeze convergence close the coast.

In the tropics, there are two tropical storms; Karl and Lisa.  Karl could intensify into a low grade hurricane, and possibly swipe Bermuda, but it will then continue to track into the northern & northeast Atlantic, staying away from the United States.  And Lisa is also moving northward, and will loose its intensity as it travels over the cooler waters, and encounters some upper level wind shear.

But our attention now focuses on a new tropical wave off the African coast.  It's far to the south, and is moving westward into a favorable environment which will help allow it to strengthen.  So by late next week, this system could be entering into the Caribbean, and then "possibly" into the Gulf of Mexico?!  We'll just have to watch it very closely, because this "could" become the next big storm?!  Remember though, it's still several days out, and so many things can change before then, but it's just something that you should probably keep yourself up to date with, so you'll be ready to take action if needed.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Meteorologist Josh Stone