Jul. 22, 2014 12:05 pm
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Hot with afternoon storms

Lots of moisture, old thunderstorm wind boundaries, and of course summertime heating will lead to thunderstorm development this afternoon. High resolution thunderstorm models show a few storms closer to the coast today. These should occur early in the afternoon as the sea breeze is forming.  A bit later in the afternoon the activity will move inland with storms drifting mostly eastward. By the end of the week we will get back into the now familiar west wind pattern. This will lower rain chances a bit and bring morning showers to the coast and then send all showers well inland later in the day.

The tropics remain relatively calm today with quiet conditions in the near Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf waters. No development is forecast for the next five days near Florida.  About 1000 miles out in the Atlantic the second depression of the season has formed. There is not much hope for this system to become a named storm or survive past a few days. It may eventually bring thunderstorms and breezy winds to the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico by the end of the work week and into the weekend.

John Scalzi

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