First Alert Weather: After clouds and sprinkles a sunny warm day for the Suncoast

Morning clouds will give way to a breezy and sunny day. Temperatures will respond to the south flow of air and the heat in on again today with a high in the mid to upper 80′s. Rainfall will be at a minimum today with only a slight chance for mostly inland showers.

  Warm weather to continue through the work week

First Alert Weather: We are having a heat wave all week long

Fog is Back and So Is the Humidity

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Sarasota weather looks good for Saturday

First Alert Weather: Sunny skies and a rain free weekend in the forecast

Not as cold overnight but still cool to the start of Friday

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  First Alert Weather:Cold start but warming by afternoon

  A chill to start Valentine’s day but warmer weather to follow

First Alert Weather: Morning rains then slow clearing on a cool and breezy Wednesday

Rain and wind move in overnight as cold front moves through on Wednesday

First Alert Weather: Building afternoon clouds with overnight rains

Some changes heading our way as a storm system develops

  First Alert Weather:Changes on the way with some cooler mid-week temperatures

It’s been warm over the last 7 days with low to mid 80′s. Now, after nearly two weeks, low 70′s for daytime highs are in the sights of the 7 Day Forecast.

  First Alert Weather: Building weekend clouds with a slight shower chance

High pressure provides us with another sunny and warm day with no chance for showers. The weekend forecast will be driven by a frontal boundary that will sink south into north Florida today and stall in central Florida tomorrow.

  First Alert Weather - Fog And A Cold Front

The Suncoast Friday morning commute could be hampered by some fog.

  First Alert Weather: Becoming breezy this weekend with an increasing rain chance

For the next two days the temperatures stay warm and skies mostly sunny. Tomorrow evening we may see a few more clouds as a cold front stalls to our north and high pressure moves east.

  Beautiful February weather to continue with only some patchy fog

First Alert Weather: Gulf water fog lingers while the Suncoast sees sunny skies

Warm weather to continue on Wednesday along with some patchy fog in the morning

First Alert Weather: After morning fog the Suncoast becomes sunny and warm

Warm weather is here and so is the potential for more fog

First Alert Weather: Dense morning fog will lift and bring a warm Suncoast day

  First Alert Weather: Mild and fog over night, but will improve on Sunday

Today started off a long week ahead with milder temperatures in the forecast. Readings will be in the 70′s all week long.

A chance for few scattered showers over the weekend but warm!

It looks like we will be on the south side of a weak disturbance as it moves in from the Gulf across Florida on Saturday. It’s not a big system so don’t expect a lot of rain. We will see quite a bit of cloudiness however.

First Alert Weather: Warm weather pattern for the Suncoast locks in

Our persistent north wind which brought cold air south has now shifted to the east. Strong cold front will be absent this week and temperatures will be above the average.

The Suncoast chill over for now, but will it last?

It’s been a week of Winter here along the Suncoast with temperatures in the 30s and 40s for lows and 50s and 60s for highs but that is all about to change just in time for the weekend.

First Alert Weather: A cool, cloudy rain free day today but a warm-up tomorrow

Many on the Suncoast are ready for temperatures to return to the 70′s. They will not have to wait long. Today will be cooler than the average Florida winter day with highs running 7 to 10 degrees below the average.

Warming trend on the way but one more day of chilly weather for Thursday

Another day of the winter chill will be with us as we wake up on Thursday as lows will be in the mid 40s across most of the Suncoast, upper 40s to low 50s near the beaches.

  First Alert Weather: Cloudy with well below average temperatures tonight

One more day of cool temperatures before the warming trend begins. A cold front that passed by will stall in the Florida straights this afternoon.

  Cold front to keep things chilly on Wednesday

A few isolated showers possible through the evening hours as a weak cold front moves through. Winds will once again shift to the NW at 10-15 mph keeping the Suncoast in the big chill through Thursday morning.

First Alert Weather: New cold front will continue our cold snap

A mix of sun and clouds today with building afternoon clouds and a wind shifting to the southwest will signal the next approaching cold front. While most of today will be partly to mostly cloudy but rains will hold off until evening drive time.

First Alert Weather: Cold weather continues at least for 3 more days then warmer for weekend

Will the groundhog see his shadow this Saturday? If Punxsutawney Phil does see his shadow it means 6 more weeks of Winter according to folklore.

First Alert Weather: Several more cooler days before a warmer weekend

The low pressure area that brought us the wet and cold weekend weather will lift to the north east in the Atlantic waters today. The system will take the rain showers with it and we get into mostly sunny skies today.

Rain chances increasing for Sunday as area of low pressure develops

After a slow start to this Winter it really has been cranking up as of late here along the Suncoast and it not going away anytime soon. Forecast models are now trending more toward a soggy Sunday with rain in and out during the day.

First Alert Weather: Weekend rain possible and snow in Florida next week possible

The cold front that caused strong winds and downpours of rain has moved south. Now a north wind will continue to draw down colder and drier air.

First Alert Weather: Cooler air moves in and sticks around a while

After some rough weather on Thursday morning, skies will be sunny on Friday but it will be noticeably cooler. A steady N. wind will keep temperatures well below the seasonal average with highs only in the low to mid 60s.

First Alert Weather: Strong storms, clearing and cooler winds in today’s forecast

A well forecast cold front produced severe weather on the Suncoast this morning. Now we watch the showers push southward out of our area over the morning hours and slow clearing take place this afternoon.

FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY THURSDAY: There is a chance storms could turn severe Thursday morning

A line of storms will be marching through the Suncoast at the most inopportune time. Right now it looks like the morning commute and school drop-off could be a bit dicey,

First Alert Weather: Storms tomorrow

It will be the warmest day of the next seven days as temperatures get very close to 80 degrees. Tomorrow thunderstorms will approach with strong storms possible.

First Alert Weather: Warm Wednesday will give way to First Alert Weather day Thursday

The cold weather we saw Sunday and Monday is long gone as southeasterly winds have warmed things up along the Suncoast.

First Alert Weather: A warm up before a cool down

Warmer temperatures today as winds shift and the cold air supply from the north is cut off. Highs will be near the average today and well above the normal on Wednesday.

First Alert Weather: Warm-up through Wednesday then we will see a First Alert Weather day Thursday

Not as cold of a start for the Suncoast on Tuesday but it will still be cool. Lows will be in the upper 40s to low 50s some 6-10 degrees warmer than Mond

First Alert Weather: A cool week ahead with multiple cold fronts

A very cold start to the week as temperatures fell throughout the day on Sunday and Martin Luther King Day starts off cold. Temperatures across the Suncoast have dropped to upper 30′s and low 40′s.

First Alert Weather: Chance for severe weather and small chance for isolated tornadoes Sunday morning for Suncoast

We have a First Alert Weather day on Sunday for the whole day. A strong cold front will plow through the Suncoast mainly during the early morning hours of Sunday.

  First Alert Weather: First Alert Days Saturday and Sunday

A typical Florida winter day on the Suncoast is in today’s forecast. High pressure will be in control today and bring sunny skies and a mild afternoon. The morning low temperature and daytime high temperature will be pretty close to the average for this time of year.

  First Alert Weather: A warming trend through Saturday and then a cold front blasts through

After a winter chill here along the Suncoast things will return to more normal weather on Friday. Lows to start the morning will be closer to average right around 50, still cool but not like we have seen recently.

First Alert Weather: Average temps returning as storms approach on Sunday

Clear skies, dry air, and calm winds will produce the last cold morning on the Suncoast for several days. Suncoast weather watchers reported morning temperatures in the upper 30′s and low 40′s being fairly widespread.

First Alert Weather: One more night of cold weather then a warmer forecast for only a couple of days

The cold weather we have experienced here along the Suncoast will come to an end by Thursday afternoon. Temperatures have been running some 7-10 degrees below average lately.

First Alert Weather: Cold again tonight before the warm-up starts

A cool day by Florida standards on the Suncoast with highs only reaching the mid 60′s. On an average January day we might expect highs in the low 70′s. Winds tonight will be close to calm and all day long the cooler, dry air will filter in, so expect tomorrow morning to be as cold or possibly colde

First Alert Weather: Strong cold front to bring a chance for storms over the weekend and then much colder Monday

Big changes are in store this weekend as a much stronger cold front is set to move through Sunday morning. This front will bring rain unlike the last 2 cold fronts which brought the chilly weather to the Suncoast.

First Alert Weather:Two cool days then a warm-up before the storms

Cold air clouds trapped by a stable atmosphere will linger in the morning hours. After a few hours of sunshine, the dry air above the clouds will mix into the cloud layer and skies will become mostly sunny.

First Alert Weather: Cool couple of days and then a warm-up before stormy Sunday

Sweater weather will stick around through Wednesday as highs will only be in the mid 60s normally we warm to 71.

First Alert Weather: Below average temperatures this week

A cold front attached to the major winter storm that moved across the United States over the weekend has passed south of the Suncoast. High pressure will build over the next few days and cooler air will spill into the Suncoast.

Cold Front Bringing Cold Weather Once Again

The cold front coming in tonight is going to be felt tomorrow and this upcoming week with colder temperatures and dry weather this whole week.

Great Weekend then Cold and Dry Before The Storm with Wendy Ross

A weak cold front slides through Sunday afternoon and evening. Beautiful quiet weather for the week with sunny days, dry conditions and low dewpoints, and no wind. Another great day in store as the mild temperatures and the sunny skies continue for Sunday.

First Alert Weather: The weekend is here and so is the warmer weather

After a couple of chilly days here along the Suncoast temperatures will bounce back up on Saturday and Sunday as the winds of change are upon us.

First Alert Weather: Warm up starts today

Dry air, lighter winds and clear skies made for a chilly start to the day. Suncoast weather watchers reported temperatures in the upper 30′s in many locations with mid 40′s officially reported at the airport.

First Alert Weather: The chill is on for one more night and then a weekend warm-up

Another morning to wear your jacket or sweater on Friday morning as lows will be in the low to mid 40s. With a wind out of the NE at 5-10 mph in the morning, it will feel more like the upper in 30s in places along the Suncoast.

First Alert Weather: Even cooler tonight before the warm up starts

A cold front moved past yesterday and is located south of the state this morning. High pressure will build in behind the front today and winds will continue with a northerly flow. Cooler air will continue to filter into the Suncoast and, despite the wall to wall sunshine, our high temperatures will

First Alert Weather: Brrrrrrrr...... Wind chills in the 30s over the next couple of mornings

Get ready to grab your jacket before you head to work Thursday morning. You are going to need it most of the day. The cold front which swept through on Wednesday will bring a taste of winter to the Suncoast but for only 2 days.

  First Alert Weather: Wind chills in the 30s are on the way

Get ready for some cold weather. A cold front will move past in the afternoon and bring much drier and cooler air to the Suncoast. Unlike many winter fronts, this one will not produce any rain.

First Alert Weather: Cold front to bring a chill to Suncoast

You will get a chance to wear that new sweater or jacket you may have gotten for the holidays. Winter has been rather mild along the Suncoast so far, but we will get a taste of some Florida winter weather mainly on Thursday and Friday.

First Alert Weather: Get ready for temps in the 40s!

A cool front will move into the area tomorrow and bring with it some breezy winds and cooler air. The approach of the front will be signaled by an increase in the cloud cover over the next twenty four hours but the temperatures will remain mild today.

First Alert Weather: Another cold front later this week

Temperatures were more seasonal over the weekend but today we went back to 80s, some 10 degrees above average. The mild weather will continue on Tuesday as high pressure continues to keep skies generally sunny with highs in the mid 70s.

First Alert Weather:Tranquil weather for this workweek

Dry conditions with sunny skies will bring calm and quiet weather for the workweek. High temperatures will moderate slightly and come in a few degrees above the average until another front moves in by Wednesday.

FIRST WEATHER ALERT: Clearing and Cooler Weather on the Way with Wendy Ross

The cold front came through the state today and brought with it some gusty winds and periods of sunny weather.

First Alert Weather: Cooler temperatures expected for the weekend

The cold front which brought the rain on Friday is now well to our south and winds will stay out of the NW throughout the day on Saturday. This will keep temperatures a few degrees below average.

First Alert Weather: Line of intense rainfall and strong gusty winds making its way through the Suncoast

Strong showers and isolated thunderstorms are moving through parts of the Suncoast. This line is moving SE at 20-25 mph and is only about 5-10 miles wide. So as the line moves in expect the heavy weather to last about a half hour followed by light to moderate precipitation after the line moves thr

First Alert Weather: Foggy start then late day showers

Sea and land fog formed overnight and a Dense Fog Advisory for vision limiting fog is up for the morning hours. The sea fog could linger into the afternoon in Gulf waters. Reports from WWSB weather spotters indicate the fog is thick in some locations but cameras show it is also somewhat patchy.


A dense fog advisory is now in effect for coastal communities and out into the Gulf of Mexico. Sea fog has developed and is rolling onshore across parts of the Suncoast.

First Alert Weather: Changes begin Friday as a cold front pushes through

After 3 straight days of temperatures in the 80s for 2019 things are going to get back closer to more average conditions for Saturday and Sunday.

First Alert Weather: A few more clouds today before tomorrow’s rains

As a complex low pressure area continues to become better organized and very slowly move east, we get one more warm and tranquil weather day. The storms back in the western Gulf will throw a few more high clouds into our sky today and we may see an isolated sprinkle well inland but most of us stay d

First Alert Weather: Record warmth for the Suncoast today

A large high pressure at the surface and upper levels of the atmosphere is the reason why things are so warm. The system is centered over the Bahamas and will begin to move away beginning on Friday as a storm system starts to move in.

First Alert Weather: Warm and humid with patchy fog

High pressure builds across the area today and insures another warm but humid day on the Suncoast. While some patchy fog will form this morning and tomorrow morning it should not be a big issue with the morning commute.

First Alert Weather: Beach weather to continue and then some changes Friday

Other than some fog, the weather for 2019 has been nice and warm. The high on Tuesday was 81 degrees which is 10 degrees warmer than it should be. With a high pressure system still in control of our weather we can expect more of the same for Wednesday.

First Alert Weather: Warm and dry with sunny skies to start the New Year

A thin ribbon of lower level moisture will bring a few clouds to the morning and some patchy, mostly inland, fog to the Suncoast. Dry air aloft and the strength of a high-pressure ridge will prevent any rainfall and most cloud cover will dissipate by late morning.

New Year starts with some fog and warm temperatures

We end 2018 with a warm day. The high was 84 degrees just 2 degrees shy of tying a record! This warm weather will continue through the first 4 days of 2019 and then cool down for the weekend.

First Alert Weather: Dry and mild weather to end the year

New Year’s Eve on the Suncoast will feature some of the nations best weather. As our winds turn south we stay warm. Our high-temperature today will be close to the 80 degree mark.

First Alert Weather: Another Night of Pea Soup Weather

The fog should begin to roll in around 11 pm tonight and could reduce visibilities for many in the region.

First Alert Weather - Wonderful Weather To End 2018

The warm, summer-like weather, is here to stay as we end off 2018.