First Alert Weather - Possible Severe Thunderstorms

A cold front just off the coast could bring a some severe thunderstorms onshore this evening. The front is slowly moving towards the east and have lots embedded thunderstorms some of which could be severe.

  First Alert Weather: Possible strong storms Friday, but timing uncertain

First Alert Weather - End Of Week Rain

First Alert Weather: Warming trend starts today with storms on Friday

First Alert Weather - Chilly Wednesday Morning

First Alert Weather: It’s a cold day for the Suncoast

First Alert Weather - Cooler Mornings

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  First Alert Weather: Temperatures could drop to the low 40s this week

WEATHER UPDATE: Big Changes Ahead

First Alert Weather:Chance for thunderstorms Sunday, possibly severe

First Alert Weather Day Sunday afternoon

Changes expected over the weekend and warming up

First Alert Weather:Sunny skies give way to weekend storms

  Warmer weather through weekend and then another cold front

After a couple of chilly days here along the Suncoast look for a warming trend through Sunday and then cooler weather to filter in on Monday.

First Alert Weather: Cool start then warming starts

It was a cold start this morning on the Suncoast. Temperatures ranged from upper 30 to mid 40 according to independent ABC7 weather spotters. The good news is that we start a warming trend today.

  First Alert Weather - Cold night ahead but a warmer Friday on the way

A very chilly morning expected with lows in the low 40s and a 5-10 mph wind making if feel more like 39 degrees during the hours of 6-8 a.m.

First Alert Weather: Chilly wind today with a cold start tomorrow

The front that brought yesterdays rains and clouds has moved south and shifting winds will draw down cold air today. Humidity continues to drop as dew points have fallen from the 70′s to the 40′s and will dip into the 30′s.

  Get ready for another blast of Florida cold on Wednesday

First Alert Weather: Transition day to cooler temperatures

Cold front to bring another chill to the Suncoast along with a few storms

First Alert Weather: Changes on the way as cold front approaches

Flip-Flopping this Week

Warm Weather Back in the Forecast

  Warm weekend ahead with some cloudiness at times, rain chances staying low

Well after a couple of bone chilling days here along the Suncoast, its back to shorts and flip flops for the weekend. This roller coaster ride of weather will be back with a big drop off again expected by Wednesday of next week.

First Alert Weather: Increasing weekend rain chance

Shifting winds will continue our warming trend and carry our high temperatures to the mid 80′s this weekend. Along with warmer temperatures will come additional moisture and a better chance for showers.

Warmer weather through the weekend with a chance for some rain

The northerly wind we have been seeing over the past couple of days which brought the big chill to the Suncoast will be switching around to the SE in advance of a storm system developing in the W. Gulf of Mexico.

First Alert Weather: Warming trend starts today

Another cold night on the Suncoast with temperatures about ten degrees below normal. However, high clouds kept the lows from being even colder. There is plenty of moisture in the atmosphere aloft and water vapor is a greenhouse gas.

Another cold night ahead as lows drop into the 30s across parts of Suncoast

The cold spell is just about over for the Suncoast but we have to get through Thursday before you can put away your parka and grab your shorts.

First Alert Weather: Near record cold Wednesday night!

In 1922 the morning low temperature was a record 38 degrees. We could get very close to the official low at the airport tonight and be lower in inland Suncoast locations. Frost is possible in Hardee and DeSoto counties.

  Florida freeze is on as the coldest air of the season settles in

For Florida standards it’s going to be a “cold” night. That is all relative depending if you lived through the bone shaking cold up North. It’s not going to be like that here, but we will see lows in the 40s over most of the area and a possibility of wind chills in the upper 30s for a brief period

First Alert Weather: Two cold days

A cold front moved past the Suncoast and a wind shift and drier air followed. Morning clouds will give way to increasing sunshine but the cold air will fight the heating and our high will top out about ten degrees below average.

The big chill is on for the Suncoast as lows will drop into the 40s this week

A cold front will be sweeping through the Suncoast overnight bringing with it the coldest air of the season. Lows on Wednesday and Thursday morning will be in the 40s.

First Alert Weather: Cooler air will move in

A strong weather system will bring more snow and flight delays to the western and central Great Lakes hubs and rains will stretch into the Ohio valley. This is a system that will bring a cold front into the Suncoast today and lower our temperatures significantly tomorrow.

First Alert Weather - Sunday Evening Forecast

The forecast on this Sunday night shows mild temperatures, with partly to most cloudy skies and zero rain.

First Alert Weather - Saturday Evening Forecast

The forecast for this Sunday looks to have mostly sunny to partly sunny skies, with highs topping out in the mid to upper 70's.

A few showers possible on Saturday with some cooler weather early next week

Some patchy fog possible to start the day off on Saturday followed by partly cloudy skies and continued warm temperatures through the early afternoon. Highs will be in the upper 70s near the coast and low 80s elsewhere.

First Alert Weather - Black Friday

This Black Friday will be a pretty good day for the shoppers, as far as the weather is concerned.

A bit more sunshine for Friday then some sctd. showers on Saturday

After a cloudy Thanksgiving we will see more sunshine on Friday as some drier air moves in. This however will be short lived as a weak storm system develops in the N. Gulf of Mexico.

First Alert Weather - Thanksgiving Forecast

We’re in store for a beautiful Thanksgiving day today!

A Thanksgiving forecast we can all be happy about

Happy Thanksgiving! It should be a perfect day along the Suncoast. It will however be a bit cool to start the day with temperatures in the mid 50s away from the water and near 60 at the beaches.

First Alert Weather:Sunny with dry air filtering in

Yesterdays cool front is decaying in South Florida as our northeast wind continues to bring in dry air. Lots of sunshine for the next few days as high pressure will be the driver of our weather.

Cooler weather expected through Thanksgiving then some more rain possible on Saturday

Slightly cooler air will move in for a couple of days as a weak cold front has pushed through the Suncoast on Tuesday.

First Alert Weather - Tuesday Afternoon

As anticipated, there’s now activity on the radar this afternoon.

First Alert Weather: Chance of rain on the Suncoast

There’s a slight chance for developing showers later on this morning, which could also linger into the early afternoon hours, thanks to a slow moving cold front making its way into the Suncoast today.

Weak cold front late Tuesday and another Saturday

The first front is expected to move through late Tuesday and bring an increase in cloudiness along with a slight chance for a passing shower or two. The rain chance is only at 20%. Temperatures will stay close to average on Tuesday with a high near 80. Lows on Wednesday morning and Thanksgiving w

  First Alert Weather - Monday Afternoon

For this afternoon, expect partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with a slight chance of light sprinkles.

  First Alert Weather: Sunshine to return as Thanksgiving nears

The forecast for this Monday shows mostly cloudy skies with a very slight chance of shower activity.

And Repeat!

It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to be outdoors! And we get a repeat on Sunday.

A cold start to Saturday and then warmer weather moves back in

A Florida Winter start to the weekend with lows in the upper 40s inland and low 50s right on the water. Look for another day of sunshine throughout the day on Saturday with winds out of the NE at 5-10 mph.

First Alert Weather: Suncoast will be cooler than normal for several days

Cooler than normal days for the Suncoast

First Alert Weather: It’s Here! Cold weather invades the Suncoast overnight

First Alert Weather Forecast

First Alert Weather: The cold front has arrived and cooler weather is on the way!

Our much advertised cold front has finally arrived. Our winds have shifted and rains, at the time of this forecast, are diminishing. Temperatures will only rise slightly this morning before starting to fall this afternoon. The cool air will continue to move in tonight and winds will be breezy.

Showers and isolated storms overnight then much cooler air moves in

SARASOTA (WWSB) - Well if you like cooler weather you are in luck! A cold front will sweep through early Thursday and usher in some sweater weather for a few days.I can see it now, folks buying fire wood and marshmallows in anticipation of temperatures dropping into the low 50s on Friday and Saturd

Showers and isolated storms overnight then much cooler air moves in

I can see it now, folks buying fire wood and marshmallows in anticipation of temperatures dropping into the low 50s on Friday and Saturday mornings. Before we get chilly it will stay warm overnight with lows in the low 70s to start the day off on Thursday. The thermometer will not climb much through

First Alert Weather: Transitioning to cooler temperatures into Thursday

Most of today will be similar to the weather of the last few days with the exception of a few more clouds and perhaps and additional showers or two in the first half of the day. Our high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80′s, depending on when the sky fills with clouds.

Big time changes on the way for Suncoast

First Alert Weather 6pm weather November 13, 2018

First Alert Weather: Cooler weather just days away!

Another warm day on the Suncoast but cooler weather is just days away. Today will again feature a mix of sun and fair weather clouds with a high well above the normal. The last two days saw record high temperatures with 88 each day.

Near record high again on Tuesday

Weather Forecast

First Alert Weather: Unsettled warm weather till Friday then cooler

A cool front sank south over the weekend but the cool air never really gave us much of a break from the warmer than normal temperatures. In fact, after one crisp morning on Sunday the temperature rebounded to record values in the afternoon with a high of 88. That cold front has now returned as a war

Warm and Then Cooler

Today we saw our temperatures climb into the mid 80′s. It was drier and mostly sunny. The cold front that came through and barely caught our attention will drift back as a warm front.

A Beautiful Finish to the Weekend

On Sunday expect lows to be in the mid 60s with partly cloudy skies expected throughout the day. Highs will once again be in the low 80s with only a 20% chance for a few showers.Monday the temperatures begins to warm up again with highs in the mid 80s and a return to some moisture.

  Cold front brings in a chance for a few showers and slightly cooler air for weekend

Weather summary for the next week.

  First Alert Weather: One day away from weather changes

Today will continue the warm and humid weather we have seen all week. Seabreeze winds in the afternoon will aggravate the impacts of red tide at our beaches today, however with a frontal passage tomorrow a wind shift out of the northeast or east will improve beach conditions

Another day of summer continues on Friday

Weather summary

First Alert Weather: 5-8 degrees above normal today but cooler this weekend

Warm weather trends continue on the Suncoast today with temperatures above average and humidity high. This warm trend continues into Friday with a few more high clouds.

A couple of cold fronts heading our way

Weekly forecast

First Alert Weather: Warm and muggy with isolated inland showers

Warm weather continues here on the Suncoast today with temperatures well above the norm. This warm trend continues into Friday when a few more clouds will reduce the highs a few degrees.

The heat is on through Friday and then a weak cold front moves in

Forecast for upcoming 7 days.

First Alert Weather: Warm and humid weather continues for Election Day

There is very little chance that rain, or any other kind of weather for that matter, will keep voters away from Suncoast voting booths. High pressure will continue to expand across the area and dry air moving in aloft will prevent most showers from building.

Warm workweek ahead with little chance for rain

Quick summary for the workweek through the weekend.

First Alert Weather: Warm, humid and dry for several days

The cold front that brought severe weather to Florida on Friday has lifted back north as a warm front. It has stalled in north central Florida where it will wash out in a few days.

First Alert Weather: A Muggy Mess

A muggy, messy Sunday..It took all day but the rains and scattered thunderstorms did come through parts of our area. The warm front, which is moving north, has a very unstable, moist airmass in advance of the front. Most of our wet weather has been east of I-75 and in some cases 1 to 1.5 inches of

First Alert Weather: Thunderstorms Back in the Forecast

Thunderstorms back in the forecast for Sunday afternoon

Flip Flop Weekend Ahead

Weather forecast from the 6p.m. newscast Friday

Strong storms now moving through Hardee, Desoto and S. Sarasota Counties

Quick weather update

First Alert Weather: Severe weather potential Friday Night

Strong line of storms set to move into Suncoast over the next couple of hours. These storms will produce some strong gusty winds, very heavy rainfall and a small chance for an isolated tornado.

First Alert Weather: Increasing rain chance this afternoon and an unsettled weekend

Increasing cloud cover today as a cold front approaches the Suncoast. This is the front that brought multiple reports of severe weather to the northern Gulf coast.

Keep the umbrellas handy on Friday as cold front moves in

First Alert Weather forecast

First Alert Weather: Humidity increases today and rains come tomorrow

Today the high pressure ridge, which brought us sunny skies this week, slips into the Atlantic. This will shift winds to the south then southwest. Moisture will spike and the humidity will be uncomfortable for some.

A bit warmer for Thursday and then rain for Friday

Weather forecast for Thursday through the weekend

First Alert Weather: Warm today but rain free for trick or treating

Wednesday forecast from the First Alert Weather office