ABC 7 introduces "Weather Call 7," a new service that calls your telephone and e-mails you directly with a severe weather warning. The Weather Call 7 alert is personalized to YOUR registered address. That means you ONLY get an alert call if severe weather is likely to affect the neighborhood where you live.

Weather Call 7 will send subscribers an alert to 3 different telephone numbers of your choice. Hear ABC 7's Chief Meteorologist Bob Harrigan on the other end of the phone letting you know about the immediate weather threat. Weather Call 7 also sends an e-mail alert simultaneously to 3 email addresses. No matter where you are, you'll always know if your registered address is in the path of a severe storm.

Weather Call 7 is the most personalized weather alert system on the Suncoast, notifying you ONLY when its urgent. Other text message alerts systems may warn you about severe weather somewhere in the Tampa Bay area, but Weather Call 7 pinpoints the storm alert to YOUR location.

Weather Call 7 also protects you at night while you're sleeping. You can customize Weather Call 7 to call overnight if severe weather is heading your way. You will always know when there's a tornado warning in your area late at night, even if you're fast asleep.

Take all the guess work out of storm season for just $6.95 per year.

Having problems? Call the toll free customer care line - 1-800-260-6695

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