2013's "Ingrid" retired from Atlantic tropical storm name list

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MIAMI, Fla. (WTXL) -- A name from the relatively tame 2013 Atlantic basin hurricane season is being retired from the name database.

Hurricane Ingrid was one of two hurricanes to form in 2013, reaching Category 1 strength.  While its wind speeds were on a minimal intensity level, Ingrid's rainmaking abilities were immense when it made landfall in northeastern Mexico as a tropical storm on Sept. 15.

Ingrid and a second tropical system from the Pacific, Manuel, together created drenching rainfall and produced significant flooding.

Ingrid is responsible for 32 deaths in eastern Mexico.

Named storms that make a large impact in terms of deaths or damage costs are retired and not reused.  A committee of the World Meteorological Organization determines whether to remove a name from the recycled list.  Names are used every six years unless retired.

Imelda will replace Ingrid when the naming list is used again in 2019.  Ingrid is the 78th Atlantic basin name to be removed.

Manuel, the Pacific storm, will also be retired and replaced with Mario.