Wallenda speaks to media in Arizona

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FLAGSTAFF, AZ – Just two days left before the King of the High Wire, Nik Wallenda, makes history walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. And the excitement is definitely building.

Nik held a press conference Friday morning outside his hotel in Flagstaff, and he talked a lot about his excitement and the fact that he is ready to go. In fact, he said when he went to the walk site Friday morning, he wished he could've done the walk right then and there.

Several members of the media were in attendance and had plenty to ask about his training, his faith, and mental preparation. “Well my faith plays a huge role in my life, because that is my life – my faith. It doesn’t play a huge role in my performance life, other than the fact that I definitely know where I’m going if I were to lose my life, and that is very important to me.”

Obviously a very early, busy morning for Nik, so we're hoping he is getting some sightseeing in and then some rest.