ABC 7 News at 7:30pm - Saturday December 15, 2018

ABC 7 News at 7pm - Saturday December 15, 2018

Venice Library Grand Opening

Boundless Playground Opens

Sandhill Crane Death

WEATHER UPDATE: A Gloomy Forecast for Now with Wendy Ross

Owl video

Lakewood Ranch High School announces new principal

Mother says she found metal shavings in child’s vitamins

Samantha Andersen said X-rays showed metal shavings in her child’s stomach. She’d been giving her child Zarbee's for months.

Rare ‘tsunami fish’ spotted off California coast

Scientists believe the exotic fish hitched a ride from Japan to California in tsunami debris.

ABC 7 News at 7:30pm - Friday December 14, 2018

ABC 7 News at 7pm - Friday December 14, 2018

ABC 7 News at 6pm - Friday December 14, 2018

School Security Report

Metal Grinding At Auto Shop


Mom upset son was arrested for too many absences

The student's mother is outraged, but the Muskogee Public School System says it's all perfectly legal.

Pit bull bites students at Seattle school

Frightening moments for students and staff at a Seattle school.

Texas judge rules Obamacare's individual mandate is unconstitutional

A federal judge in Texas ruled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional in whole on Friday night, likely setting up a final decision on the law’s fate at the Su

Man caught on camera cursing at children's Christmas Pageant

An Idaho man was caught on camera shouting curse words after his car apparently got blocked in the parking lot.