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Video: Formerly conjoined twins now in recovery

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CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta has been following the story of conjoined twins Jadon and Anias and had a chance to catch-up with their parents.

Jadon and Anias McDonald are finally resting in separate beds. Born conjoined, connected at the head, they underwent a 27-hour operation last week to separate the two.

Messages of support and encouragement poured in from all over the world as people learned about the story of the two little boys. "It's just amazing how these people who are total strangers can love our babies, I mean, the way they do. You can really feel their love through all their messages and donations."

Today, mom Nicole can cuddle up next to Anias in a single twin bed. Jadon can now open his eyes four days after the historic operation.

"They're doing well Jadon has his eyes open and he's tracking with his eyes," said dad Christian. "He wasn't moving his left side for a little while, but now he's moving his left arm."

Nicole said, "Jadon, I think he just smiled at me. I'm almost sure he just smiled, under all that tape, yeah. And he's looking me right in the eye and he follows you.  It's awesome. And he's trying to pull all his tubes out."

Dr. Gupta said it's usually a good sign if they're trying to pull the breathing tube out themselves. "It's usually time for them to come out," he said.

Anias has continued to have seizures and is being treated with the medication Keppra, as well as Ativan for episodes that last longer than 30 minutes.
The parents knew that Anias would face the bigger challenge in recovery. His surgery lasted six hours longer than Jadon's, and he had breathing problems, heart issues and seizures before the operation.

More in video of their progress.