Veterans Day in Venice

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VENICE, Fla. - A service paid tribute to Veterans in Venice Monday. They packed Patriots Park. Many saying thank you while others standing tall.

Non-veterans like Bill Lingley came out to show appreciation to those who are. "I would just like to thank them for the sacrifices they made for our country."

The band plays, declarations are made. The cheers are not lost on those they're meant for like Korean and Vietnam Veteran Ray Danils. "I think it's great. They remember us for what we've done and what we did."

Barbara Miller Vaughn was chosen female Veteran of the year for the area. "It means everything to me. My country first."

American Legion Post 159 Commander John Farrow agrees. "It's terrific. It's wonderful that they recognize us. There are people that don't know unfortunately what they have or even what a Veteran is."

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An important tribute in the Venice area. A place where thousands of Veterans and their families call home. "It's amazing. We are so blessed to have a group of people like this. Such a large group as we do in Venice," says Venice Mayor John Holic.

There is a reason no apostrophe is needed when writing out 'Veterans Day'. That's because it's not really a day which belongs to them but rather a day that belongs to all of us to honor them. "Maybe some of those folks that don't normally give much thought to Veterans maybe today they will. That would be very nice," says Miller Vaughn.

Many of the Veterans were not only thanked for their sacrifices from years ago but also for the services Veterans groups offer the community today.