Venice spending millions to update infrastructure

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VENICE, FL - The city of Venice breaking ground on a nearly seven million dollar project to it's water treatment plant. Today city officials turned the first wrench they say is years overdue.

It's the city's largest infrastructure project in years. Updating and replacing parts of one of the country's first reverse osmosis plants. It will also be more energy efficient. Benefiting current users but also setting the city up to handle growth.

Right now hundreds of homes are starting to sprout up in the North Venice area. Thousands are already approved there. Council Members like Bob Daniels say they have to be ready. "We have Tuscana Isles and several other developments coming along with a hospital out there by I-75 and Laurel. The growth is coming."

Utilities Director Len Bramble says the upgrades were desperately needed. "Water is the most critical thing that we have. The most critical thing that we can do is supply good clean safe drinking water for our citizens."

The city's utility department is currently undertaking more than 50 projects to improve its infrastructure. The city will pay for the improvements with a bond. Paying that off with users fees.