Venice may be oldest non planned retirement community in country

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VENICE, FL - In some ways the oldest city in the country is right here on the Suncoast. Based on the age of it's residents new census numbers indicate the city of Venice is the oldest non planned retirement community in the country. A median age now just under 67 years old.

Experts say the weather, low crime rate, activities, and the medical field are the biggest draws.

We found a few retirees at the Senior Friendship Center Monday who say it's just a special place.

"I liked the small town feel," says Donna LoFaso who moved here from Pittsburgh.

"As a hub you can go in any direction and find exactly what you want," says Venice resident Cece Patterson.

"The factor I think is the weather and the beaches. Also you can make friends. A lot of people are the same age," says Jinny Kelly who used to call Massachusetts home.

The median age in Venice has actually dropped in the past few years. In the year 2000 it was reported at 69 years old.

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