Venice Christmas boat parade might not shove off

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VENICE, Fl - For the first time in 25 years the Venice boat parade is in jeopardy of not shoving off. Parade organizers say they need at least 30 boats but so far that hasn't happened.

President of the parade John Osmulski says older boaters who used to take part every year just can't do it anymore. It could have more than an impact on festivities. In the past few years the not for profit organization says they've been able to raise nearly $70,000 for local scholarships and charities. Today is the deadline to get applications in. "It would be a great loss to the community and I don't think the community would understand how much of a loss it would be until it was gone."

It's cost just $15 to enter a boat in the parade planned for December 7th. In fact the Freedom Boat Club will pay for the next 50 entrants.

If you would like to join in you need to do it now. You can find the application at