UPDATE: Emergency bridge repair on I-75

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SARASOTA- Crews are working through the night to repair the Interstate 75 bridge passing over University Avenue. 

Around noon on Monday, pieces of the concrete roadway fell from the I-75 overpass.  A pile driving cushion fell off a flatbed truck, damaging the road in three spots.  Florida Highway Patrol reports the truck driver had swerved from the right lane to the center lane in order to avoid a collision.  The momentum caused the equipment to fall off.

At the moment, I-75's middle and outside southbound lanes are closed at the overpass.  If repair work overnight goes well, one lane eastbound, and one lane westbound on University Parkway will be open to traffic by rush hour Tuesday morning.

Engineers have assessed the damage, and crews will be on the scene 24/7 until traffic is restored to normal patterns.  Lanes on University Parkway will reopen as work progresses.  The middle and outside southbound lanes on I-75 will reopen to traffic Wednesday afternoon when all work is expected to finish.