Two young North Port boys find assault rifle

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NORTH PORT, FL - Two North Port boys find a loaded assault rifle in a wooded lot. Good thing they told their parents before picking it up because when it was, it went off.

Sunday 9-year-old Landon Rafard and 7-year-old Eric Dart were attending a birthday party. Playing in the nearby woods the two came across the AR-15.

Having been taught not to touch guns, they quickly ran home and told adults about what they had found. One of the boy's parents reached down to make sure the safety was on when the rusted gun fired into the ground.

The gun was sitting about 10 feet off a quiet neighborhood street, along with a laptop. Authorities are tying to determine where it could have come from. "I don't know why someone would have that out in the public. I don't know why they would throw it on the side of the road. What motivates an individual to do that I don't know. Hopefully we can find out who and ask them that question," says North Port Police Assistant Chief Anthony Sirianni

Parent Jennifer Dart says she is still shaken up days later. "I guess in the past we have always told him guns are very dangerous. I can't say how thankful I am he and Landon made the right decision to not touch it."

Coming up this evening at 6 we'll have interviews with the boys and their parents who stress the importance of talking to your kids about guns.