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Two Shelters Will Open Saturday in Port Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL - Charlotte County will open two shelters in Port Charlotte at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. Charlotte County Emergency Management recommended yesterday that residents living in mobile homes and trailers throughout the county evacuate. Residents living on Don Pedro Island, Knight Island (Palm Island), Little Gasparilla Island, Gasparilla Island and Manasota Key have also been advised to evacuate.  
Plan ahead to stay with friends and family members who live outside of evacuation areas or flood zones, in a well-constructed home. If you have no place to go, shelters are refuges of last resort.
The following shelter locations will open Sept. 9 at 9 a.m.: 
•           Kingsway Elementary School – 23300 Quasar Boulevard, Port Charlotte
•           Liberty Elementary School – 370 Atwater Street, Port Charlotte
Shelters are not equipped to supply food, water or other provisions. If you evacuate to one of these shelters, plan to take the following items to sustain yourself and dependents: 
•           Two-day supply of non-perishable foods 
•           Two-day supply of drinking water 
•           A change of clothing, rain gear, and sturdy shoes
•           Toiletries and personal items
•           Blankets or sleeping bag, pillow, and lawn chair
•           Identification
•           Games, toys, books, or other entertainment 
•           Special items needed for infants or elderly family members 
•           Any special dietary needs
•           Battery operated radio and flashlight with extra batteries 
•           Any medications that you take
•           Bring your families survival kit to ensure proper provisions
At this time both Liberty Elementary and Kingsway Elementary School are pet-friendly shelters for dogs and cats. Pet owners are liable for any/all damages which are caused by their pet. This includes, but is not limited to, property damage, animal bites, animal attacks, and any related injuries.
 If you have a dog or cat, please bring the following in addition to what is shown above:
•           Identification for your pet – include a current photo preferably one with you and your pet together.
•           A crate and bedding large enough for your animal to move around in when contained in the crate, as well as hold water food and litter.
•           A sheet to cover the crate to help relieve stress.  
•           A collar and leash or if needed a muzzle.
•           7 day supply of litter/food/water, including feeding bowls, & manual can openers if needed, as well as cleaning supplies - paper towels, newspapers, disinfectant, plastic bags.
•           Medications & CURRENT MEDICAL RECORDS – be sure to include current vaccinations records, rabies tag and/or micro chip.
•           Pet comfort items – toys, blankets, treats.
•           Out of the area contact information which includes names addresses and phone numbers.
•           You will be required to sign a release of liability at the time of entry into the shelter. Charlotte County reserves the right to deny access to any animal.
A special needs shelter is also scheduled to open today at 1 p.m. for pre-registered special needs residents. These residents have been contacted individually with details. 
Media and public can follow Charlotte County Emergency Management important emergency information, and