Tube Dude is the newest red kettle worker

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SARASOTA - The ringing of the bell and the red kettle is a longstanding tradition of the holiday season.

This year, in addition to the many volunteers and workers that man the kettles at local businesses throughout the community, you can meet “Sal” – the only Tube Dude kettle worker in the world! Major Phillip Murphy, Sarasota Area Commander, commissioned “Sal” as a new “fun”draising venture for Sarasota.

Murphy envisioned engaging children, youth, adults and seniors alike in reminding people about the needs of the poor and financially struggling. “Who doesn’t smile when you see a Tube Dude? This is another way for people to feel good about helping those less fortunate.”

Sal, The Salvation Army Tube Dude will be moving from business to business location until Christmas Eve – the last day of kettle collections. There will be daily posts on FACEBOOK with the location of Sal. Sal’s normal kettle shift will be 11:00am – 5:00pm. Listed below please find next week’s schedule:

Monday, December 10th Publix – Palmer Ranch

Tuesday, December 11th Sam’s Club

Wednesday, December 12th Paradise Plaza

Thursday, December 13th Publix Bee Ridge and Cattleman

Friday, December 14th Publix Fruitville Road

Saturday, December 15th Macy’s – Bee Ridge

While Sal cannot sign autograph’s since both hands are occupied with holding the bell and the kettle, he wants people to know he is eager to appear in any photos with visitors. The Salvation Army is asking everyone to email their favorite photo with Sal to to participate in the “cutest” bell ringer photo contest. The winner will be selected December 28th and will featured on The Salvation Army – Sarasota website.

Each day of the year the Army is rebuilding lives, one life at a time and continues to “Do The Most Good.” In addition to meeting basic human needs for families and individuals and by providing emergency and intermediate shelter, food, clothing, counseling, training and health care, they also provide prevention programs and emergency disaster services.

The Center of Hope is located at 1400 10th Street. For more information or facilities tour please call 364-8845, ext. 221.