Tegu lizards the latest invasive species in the area

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HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. - State wildlife officials are getting the word out on Florida's next invasive species.

The black and white tegu is native to South America, but Florida Fish and Wildlife officers say 100 of them have been spotted in Hillsborough County, largely south of Riverview.

Many tegu's were once pets, or are descended from pets whose owners released them when they became unmanageable.

Wildlife managers recommend that you do not attempt to capture the animal if you come across one. Instead, you are asked to report its location to the exotic species hotline at 1-888-Ive-Got1 or online at IveGot1.org.

For more info on tegus, visit the "Tegus in Florida" page on the FWC website.

ABC 7's Todd Dunn is following this story, and will have more tonight on ABC 7  News at 5 & 6.