Suggestion of homeless facility site in Englewood has neighbors upset

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ENGLEWOOD, Fl - The recent report by homeless expert Robert Marbut suggests south Sarasota County needs an emergency facility for families. It even pinpoints a location in Englewood. An old apartment complex off Elm street. Those who live there are less than thrilled.

Since learning of it neighbors like John Oberst have banned together to sign a petition. Even coming and voicing concerns at Mondays presentation of the report. Worried a homeless facility for those in need will bring the area down after they've been working hard to restore it. "In the proper setting take care of these people and give them a chance but it shouldn't be in a residential setting. It's going to effect our little village."

Marbut says the Englewood site is a good one but at this point is just a suggestion. "It's a promising site. It has not been vetted. It has not been fully researched. If you read in the report it clearly states that. I think all they say was the address and went oh no."

Neighbors say the bank owned property was supposed to go up for auction Tuesday morning but it was canceled. They say that's raising their suspicions even more.

We will have much more on this story this evening on ABC 7.