FIRST ALERT WEATHER: A taste of Fall will be in the morning air tomorrow

Thanks to dry air sagging southward and eroding lingering clouds, and due to a light northerly wind, the set up for radiational cooling will take place later on tonight.  So what exactly is "radiational cooling"?!  Just think of it as the heat from the day escaping right up into space, with nothing to stop it.  Thus, the result... temperatures cool down.

The opposite is when you have cloud cover during the overnight, and those clouds act as a blanket to trap in the heat from the day, so overnight lows stay warmer.  Another opposite would be stronger winds that tend to mix up the atmosphere, and the heat from the day can't escape as easily.

But that won't be the case tonight.  Light winds out of the north and clear skies due to dry air aloft, will bring refreshing fall like temperatures to the Suncoast by tomorrow morning.

So for all you early risers, when you open up your front door to take that early morning power walk, or maybe you plan to attend the downtown Sarasota Farmers Market... you'll walk out into beautiful fall like temperatures in the mid to upper 60's with lower humidity values!  This will be well received after several months of hot and sticky Florida summer weather.

Enjoy the taste of fall over the weekend everyone!

Meteorologist Josh Stone