Suncoast businessman helps develop MLB fan app

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SARASOTA - Fans second-guessing the manager in baseball is as American as apple pie. Now one Suncoast businessman has helped bring an app to iPhone that can help fans make decisions before the manager. And it ratchets up the suspense level.

"Baseball is already exciting. This makes it 100 times more exciting," says Kevin Brodsky, CEO of Sports Technology Applications.

A new app called MLB Victis from Major League Baseball, Sports Technology Applications, and Beverly Hills Sports lets fans decide what will come next in the game. "You can predict what the manager will do. How many people think this guy is going to strike out, or he will throw a strike here? Everyone!!!" says Brodsky.

The app is free in stores right now, so you can upload and be ready to go for the playoffs. It is in every country but Asia, so you can play with, or against, people from all over the world.

"When a fan can engage in game, get points and rewards for it....well, fans get to figure out what the player is going to do before he gets to the plate. Everyone does it."

The technology also lets fans in on the game that is taking place before those fans just watching it on TV. “Live feed is 7 seconds before you see it on TV. You can pull up before game side-by-side what pitchers are doing, and you can predict who will win the game."

Brodsky says football is probably next. They are hoping the NFL will get on board, but the NFL app is coming with or without the league.