Suncoast boxer keeps the family tradition going

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SARASOTA - Friday night in Tampa, Aaron Jaco will go into the ring for the 19th time as a professional boxer.

For 20 years now, Jaco has been plying his trade, boxing. He began as an amateur and this will be his 19th fight as a pro. He will take on Timothy Hall, Jr.

"He's a good fighter. A lot of people feel he will go the distance with me. He has been around awhile so he is not....he's a veteran of the game so that makes it tough," says Jaco.

The fight is Friday night at the Doubletree in Tampa as one of the main events, and he will move down a weight class for the fight. “It’s super-middleweight. I am tired of fighting guys that are so big. I have been working on some new things with a new trainer, Ruben Alvarez, who was actually my trainer when I first went pro. I am looking forward to renewing that friendship and get some new work in."

Jaco is the hands-on owner of Uppercut Fitness in Sarasota, and being in shape is one of his biggest advantages when he steps into the ring. “It is one of the things in my career that I have always made sure of, that I was always in the best shape of my life, so they know they are in for a long night. I like to say though, that I am a good boxer. I'm a good puncher."

His father Dave fought Mike Tyson, and his identical twin Adam is also a boxer and trainer. Aaron will try to keep the family tradition going Friday night.

"If I need to knock you out, I will. If I need to box with you, than I'll box with you."