Schiano firing reminiscent of the end of Morris era

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TAMPA, Fla. - The more things change for the Buccaneers, the more they stay the same. Their newest "former" head coach spoke on his way out in an ending that seems eerily similar to 2011.

"Again, I will never hide from our responsibility in this. Ultimately we are the owners, we were 4-12, and it starts with us. We are going to talk to a lot of people. Do an exhaustive search," said Bucs owner Joel Glazer.

If that sounds like something Bucs fans have heard before. That is because that was Bucs ownership the day they fired Raheem Morris after the 2011 season.

Less than 2 years later, they fired his replacement, Greg Schiano.

“I think I would be naïve if I were stunned. We ended up 4-12. I was actually looking forward to get this week through, then take a short break and get back at it. I will just have a longer break than I thought, that's all," says Schiano.

When he was hired in January of 2012, he talked about his team doing certain things under his guide. "There is going to be a Buccaneer way. They are going to be Buccaneer men. You've got to believe in that; otherwise this is not the place," said Schiano in 2011.

Unfortunately, the ‘Buccaneers way’ only got them an 11-21 record under Schiano. But he felt things were, and are, in place for the future. "On the field, I think we are closer than people think. We have a great group of guys in that locker room. I believe in them and have faith in them."

As far as the all-important quarterback position, many critics don't believe Mike Glennon is the answer for the Bucs, but Schiano differed with his opinion. "I think we got it right. This guy is going to be really good. He's not going to be right with me, but I think he is going to be really good."