Sarasota teen eyes martial arts Olympic medal

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Isaac Weintraub has his eye on an Olympic berth for the 2020 games. At 15, he travels the world to gain points in Taekwondo.

He has been training in Taekwondo for over 10 years now, but he didn't take it up because he wanted to. "My brother did it when he started because he needed to get better with his motor skills. So I wanted to do it because it was my older brother, so I got thrown into it."

If he didn't have a love for it at the beginning, Weintraub has made it his life's work. In fact he has an Olympic dream. “He loves it. He loves it and he only thinks about this. He puts a lot of effort into it. A lot of people, uh, its hard for them to reach their dream," says trainer Master Jin Hwang.

Weintraub competes in the 121 lbs division, and he is pretty accomplished. He recently won a gold medal at the America's Cup tournament in Atlanta. That medal qualified him for a spot on an international team that will travel to Bolivia for training.

"From here I have to get enough award points if I keep competing in big meets. Then eventually, if I do the trials, I have to do 8 separate trials."

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, and Weintraub hopes to be there. It is not an impossible dream for him. "People say impossible, but if you think impossible, than it is impossible. We are looking forward to doing it. It is my dream, it is his dream, so we are looking forward to making it possible to doing it," says Master Hwang.

"I want to win the Olympics," says Weintraub.