Sarasota native looks to get her big break on golf reality show

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SARASOTA - No matter who you are, or what sport you play, you are always hoping to be spotted, to get that big chance. Former Riverview High School golfer Lindsey Bergeon is getting that break we are all hoping for.

It’s not just a break, it is an appearance on Golf Channel's hit reality TV show "Big Break Mexico", where mini-tour golfers get the chance to compete against each other while living life in the fish bowl of TV.

"The cameras were on us for like 16 hours a day. We are playing sports, we are all so competitive. It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts. If I was frustrated with a challenge, I might have said something that, 'whoops, I don't know if I wanted that on camera’."

She was introduced on the Golf Channel, and then she spent weeks sequestered at a 5-star resort in Mexico -- a lavishness not seen often by these golfers. "Ibiro Star Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Ibiro Star took such good care of us. We were spoiled rotten. It is one of those experiences being a mini-tour player, that we don't get to have."

She had to go through a grueling -- and long -- process to get selected, but she is sarcastic, funny and personable, so reality show fans are in for a treat.

"When you saw her on Golf Channel last Monday when they did the big announce, she looked like she had been doing TV all her life. She is so relaxed and so comfortable. Yeah, she is somewhat likable but don't let that get out there," says Matt Auen, director of golf at Laurel Oak Golf Club.

"I was very nervous, but at the same time I knew that if I was gonna get on the show, I wanted to be who I was. So yeah, I was pretty true blue," says Lindsey.

And it might have been a freak-out moment that got her the spot on the show. "I did have a bug fly on my shoulder, and I had a minor freak-out moment. And that may have been when I got on the show, because I freaked out a little bit."