Rowing camp promotes a growing sport

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SARASOTA - With the World Rowing Games for 2017 now within reach after a great presentation in Switzerland, rowing has never been more popular. And now, kids are coming from all around to get started.

With the Sarasota Scullers and the Sarasota Crew teams dominating on a national level, rowing is the sports to get involved in these days, and kids are beginning with the Scullers Summer Rowing Camp.

"We are very happy to have about 50 kids in our camp for this session. I am very happy that we can promote this camp," says camp director Dragos Alexandru.

"They're learning the basics of how to row; how to get in the boat, how to use the oars," says camp administrator Ximena Griffoen.

It is not just get in the boat and row away. First the heavy lifting as rowers must get the sculls in the water. The camp is starting from the beginning with the basics. "It’s actually very challenging to get the basics down, because they are not used to the movements because the muscle memory isn't there yet," says counselor Cecilia Ghose.

It’s not a bad way to spend a day. Out on the water with friends, and getting taught one of the faster growing sports. "It’s really fun to teach them how to row. Like me, they are starting at camp, so it is fun to see how the kids react to all the movements and how to teach them how to row," says counselor Caitlin McCann.

The announcement of which site will host the 2017 world championship will be announced at the 2013 world games in late August in South Korea.

"I'm learning how to like stroke, and how to be a good rower. Also to get exercise and be fit," says camper Winter Spikes.

"Come in and see what it is all about. I encourage every kid in the county to come and give it a shot. You will find in a few days if you like it or not. It is very simple," says Alexandru.