Lakewood Ranch High golfers look to cap off amazing high school careers

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MANATEE COUNTY - For the 4th time in 4 years, the Lakewood Ranch boys golf team is headed to the state championships. And two of those players have been there from the beginning of this dynasty-in-the-making.

The trip to the high school state golf finals is all too familiar for Ramsey Touchberry and his fellow senior Danny Walker. They have made it to the finals all 4 of their high school years, and they are the 2-time defending champs.

All they know is success. “I think it’s good for us that are going to Division-1 colleges to know that we come from a high school team where we perform so well," says Touchberry.

"It all worked together to come in to one time period where they were the talent and the competition is there. It spread to the other guys and now the sky is the limit," says head coach Dave Frantz.

The singer Meatloaf made a hit song called “Two out of three ain't bad” in the late 70's. Walker and Touchberry are trying to do him one better by winning 3 out of 4: three state titles in four trips to the finals.

"It's a big confidence booster I think, mainly," says Walker.

The other starters are junior Luke Miller, and sophomore identical twins Charles and Kelly Sun.

“This year's squad is probably the best we had looking at the averages and the scores we've had," says Coach Frantz.

Ironically, Walker said the team learns the most from their losses. But this team almost never loses. "You know, not really. We have had more wins than we've had loses, but we have had some experience with losing."

Walker and Touchberry have 420 wins between them in their high school careers, but the only win they are concerned with is the next one. "If we could cap it off with a win at states this year, that would just be the icing on the cake for high school careers."

The championships will be played Tuesday and Wednesday just south of Leesburg.