Exercise marathon to raise money for Suncoast charities

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SARASOTA - In the very near future, a Suncoast exercise studio will have an exercise marathon to raise money for 3 local charities, allowing you to "work" out and "help" out all at once.

Saturday, October 19th, the Mantra Fitness in Sarasota will be holding an exercise marathon -- a Mantrathon, if you will. "Great way to raise money, and it's a kick-butt workout," says client Stephanie Carroll.

“It’s 3 hours of non-stop mantra on the megaformer, DJ, food…the first annual Mantrathon," says owner Kathy Covington.

Being that it is a pretty intense workout, you can team up so the 3 hours are spread out amongst team members. Or, you can toss caution to the wind, like Lori Presti. "Going to rip it out! I'm doing it by myself. This is going to be so incredible…such a rush, and then everyone rooting each other on."

The money raised will go to three Suncoast charities: Girls, Inc., the Humane Society, and 40 Carrots Family Center.

When Covington brought the subject up to her clients, the response was overwhelming. "Absolutely! Where do I sign up? In fact, I was the first to sign up," says Carroll.

Mantra Fitness is located at 3908 S. Tamiami Trail, just south of Bee Ridge Road.