County host golf clinics to teach new players

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SARASOTA COUNTY - As the school year ends and summer break begins, golf will be in the forefront of the minds of many. So Sarasota County is putting on clinics to introduce new golfers to the game, or to sharpen the skills of those who already play.

12 golfers were on hand Thursday at Tatum Ridge Golf Course for their group lesson; nine of them are new to the game, with three who are picking up new tips from instructor David Windsor.

"We are in the middle of a 5-week course from the Sarasota Technical Institute, through Ace Learning, which is the Adult Learning Center. We are going to get them on the right club-face and swing path today, so we are excited," said Windsor.

There are lessons on different days, at different times. Five lessons that run an hour-and-a-half each.

“I have had so many problems with my golf game lately, so he has brought me back to the basics. He has taught me the proper swing, and has had a huge impact," said Gary St. Claire.

Many people like to take lessons one-on-one, but a group setting can be more of a bonding and social experience. "They come in and they know it is going to be a comfortable setting. They are going to be around others that are at their level, and it is a great way to come out here and set up golf with the others," said Windsor.

"We're all out here to improve, so we know we are not going to be scratch golfers. I am not going to be out there playing with Tiger Woods, I'm not. It’s just fun," said St. Claire.

Whoever you are, and wherever you golf, it is wise to start out with a lesson before you pick up bad habits that are difficult to break. "You get into these bad habits, and they are hard to break. They really are, Don. He is just a good instructor. Dave is a great guy. He works well with you, and he is very patient," said St. Claire.