Cardinals training in Bradenton to prepare for new Bucs QB

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BRADENTON, Fla. - Two days after adamantly saying that Josh Freeman was still the starting quarterback, the Buccaneers have benched Freeman in favor of rookie Mike Glennon. This Sunday he will have to face the Arizona Cardinals, who are training at IMG this week.

"Well Josh is our starter; that's where we are," said Bucs head coach Greg Schiano on Monday.  But Wednesday morning the Bucs pulled the plug on Josh Freeman. Now the Cardinals must prepare for a different angle.

“Josh brought athleticism, and Mike brings a big, strong arm. I think that they obviously thought it was needed, but anytime you face a rookie quarterback, you should have the advantage, I think," says Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians.

The Cardinals are in Bradenton training at IMG for this week’s game in Tampa, after deciding to head straight to Florida following Sunday’s game in New Orleans, rather than fly back to Phoenix between games.

Arians is an offensive guy, and he has dealt with what the Bucs are dealing with. “That's part of the business of being a head coach and general manager. If you think...well, they obviously saw something last year that they wanted to make this move."

Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has been thrown into the fire like Glennon is about to be, so he gave us the quarterback perspective. “Just when you are a young guy, there are things you haven't seen and experiences that you haven't experienced. You are not quite sure how you will react to certain things, and we need to take advantage of any mistakes they make on offense," says Palmer.

The Cardinals came to the Suncoast to prepare for the game, but we asked Arians if he knew that it was going to rain all week, would he still have stayed here. "Uh , no!!! (laughs) We would have gone somewhere where I knew it wasn't going to rain, or somewhere with an indoor facility."